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The Catenian Association

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Members of other Catenian Circles who wish to book in for a meeting please use "Contact Us" page,

or telephone Circle Secretary by the Wednesday prior to the meeting.



For further information ring the Circle's Secretary, Peter Winstanley, 01823 433085

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About the Catenians

The Catenian Association is an international organisation of Catholic men who meet socially, at least once a month, at local branches or "Circles".

Members refer to each other as "Brothers", reflecting the mutual support and sharing of common values found within the Association.

Many Catenians, as individuals, have a prominent role in their local parishes and dioceses, as well as in major Catholic lay organisations. They are also active in the service of the Church and the civic community, both locally and nationally.

The Association's name is derived from the Latin catena (a chain) with the Circles representing the links in the chain.  The Catenian emblem depicts a cross at the centre surrounded by a continuous circuit of links.


History of the Association

The Association was founded in 1908 in Manchester as "The Chums' Benevolent Association". Two years later it adopted the present title of "The Catenian Association".  Circles are grouped into areas called Provinces and there are over 300 Circles throughout Great Britain, Australia, India, Ireland, Malta, the Holy Land, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe with about 10000 members.


Aims of the Association

The Association exists primarily to foster social bonds among its members and between them and their families.  The Association aims to assist young Catholics in the choice or pursuit of a career, and by promoting and supporting a bursary fund. There are benevolent funds for members and their families.


Benefits of joining the Catenians

Joining the Catenian Association enables you to:

meet other Catholic men with similar values.

become part of a close community offering lifelong support and friendship to each other and families.

provide your family with opportunities for friendship and social activity.

be welcomed at any of the Circles whilst on vacation or business.


How to join

New members are most welcome. The Association is "proudly Catholic" and its membership is comprised of men who are practising members of the Roman Catholic Church. For an informal contact in the West Somerset area



Or telephone the Secretary.                                                                                                                               



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